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Miami, Florida – June 1, 2020 , The Miami-Dade Branch of the NAACP released the following statement concerning the widespread civil unrest, uprisings and outrage of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officers.

We, like many of the protestors nationwide, have heavy hearts for the countless lives of Black people lost at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve all people.

As a branch of the nation’s oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization, we find such acts of violence, unacceptable in Minneapolis and anywhere else in America.

Locally, we at the Miami-Dade Branch of the NAACP, have kept a watchful eye on events as they occur here in Miami-Dade County. For all who demonstrate peacefully, we stand in solidarity with you. While we support events that unite us together in one cause, we are also aware that there are some who are attempting to hijack the peaceful protest in an effort to advance their own agendas. This is intolerable and those who seek to subvert a peaceful rally for their own selfish motives should be revealed and stopped.

We believe a peaceful march is a movement. However, every movement requires an agenda to propel the demands of protestors.

Therefore, the Miami-Dade Branch of the NAACP demands the following in solidarity with our fellow protestors:

● Arrest all four of the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd;

● Enact civilian oversight panels with subpoena powers for all municipalities in Miami-Dade County;

● Repeal the police bill of rights;

● Implement quarterly implicit bias training for all officers immediately

● Institution of policy to disqualify any police candidate that has been fired from previous municipalities with a history of use of excessive force;

● Make a concerted effort to hire and recruit more Black police officers and the promotion of Black officers to command staff positions – both women and men;

● Place any officer who receives a use-of-force complaint immediately on administrative leave until the complaint is resolved;

● Conduct culturally sensitive psychological background screenings; and

● Provide equitable social, economic, educational, housing, and health care justice

Again, the NAACP stands in solidarity with those who choose to participate in peaceful protests. We are available to assist in fielding complaints regarding police conduct. We encourage all peaceful protestors to work towards making clear demands to the local, state, and federal elected officials in an effort to effectuate change and justice.

In unity and service,

Ruban Roberts

Ruban Roberts, President

Miami-Dade Branch of the NAACP

Email: miamidadecommunications@gmail.com

Hotline: 1-877-NAACP-09

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  1. June 3, 2020

    Paul B.

    Is the NAACP using the recent protest locations as potential voter registration opportunities? As many young people are seem to be engaged at this time, it might be good time to set up voter registration booths to get them on the voter rolls.

  2. June 3, 2020

    Sandy Halpern

    Mr. Roberts, in the recent Zoom Meeting with you, the ADL, & the Jewish Federation, it was revealed that the Black Lives Matters movement removed the BDS platform from its charter; but only 500 people attended the meeting. Is it possible for your organization to publish this information to the general public in a PR statement & on Wikipedia? I think that would be very helpful.

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