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The ACLU is demanding that the sweeps stop immediately, including the following statement in a stern letter to city and county officials: “Eliminating all encampments would do nothing to address the City’s failure to ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing. Further, at a time when police and other official violence against Blacks is under increasing scrutiny nationwide, the City cannot help but be aware that the population it is targeting and threatening with arrest is largely Black.”

The coordinated cleanups involved as many as 10 City of Miami departments, including sanitation workers, police officers, code enforcement officers and “green shirts.” Also known as Project Lazarus, green shirts are mostly former homeless individuals who assist the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust and offer shelter beds when they’re available.

The plan also called for the installment of cameras at 10 sites where homeless people are known to congregate, including four in downtown Miami, four in Overtown, a spot in Little Havana and one near Jose Marti Park. The city document states that cameras are being installed to “deter and detect illegal dumping around homeless encampments” to record drug use and drug sales and to “identify unpermitted feeders.”

Read full story by The Miami Times here: https://www.miamitimesonline.com/news/the-politics-of-homelessness-in-miami/article_66e2bb08-7c2f-11eb-959e-ef743d6c9d46.html

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