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Please note the following:

Only members in good standing shall be eligible to run for office or vote in a Branch election. For the purpose of running for office, a member in good standing is one whose name appears on the roll of the Branch as a bona fide member of the Branch by May 1 of the election year and remains a continuous member of the branch through the election process; and who lives and/or works within the Branch jurisdiction.

1. All elections will be conducted using Election Buddy

2. In order to run for a local branch office, you must be a member by May 1, 2022

3. Membership in the NAACP for purposes of the 2022 Branch Election cycle will be effective on the date the membership is received by the Branch or in the National Office (including online at www.naacp.org)

Much Respect,

        Carmen Watkins

Senior Vice President, Membership Growth and Unit Sustainability

Field Ops/Regional Field Director (6)

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