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Former President Trump claimed during last Thursday’s presidential debate that immigrants are taking “Black jobs” and “Hispanic jobs.” Seriously, what exactly are “Black jobs” and “Hispanic jobs” as if jobs belonged to any one race?

This divisive rhetoric is just a distraction from the real issue: the power of the Black vote in protecting our democracy. Instead of falling for his rhetoric, we need to come together and focus on the real issues we face. At the NAACP Miami-Dade Branch, we know one of our most important jobs is to vote, especially as Election 2024 approaches. “Our Black job is voting” captures the essence of our responsibility and power within the democratic process.

Election 2024 is not just another election; it is a crucial moment for the future of our democracy. The policies and leadership chosen will impact everything in our daily lives including the water we drink and even our bodies. The outcome of Election 2024 will either strengthen, reaffirm, or weaken our civil rights, economic opportunities, healthcare, education, environment, and criminal justice reform. We cannot afford not to vote!

These are all reasons why our “Black job” is to vote up and down the ballot in all elections. Simply put, voting is our tool for change and empowerment. From the passage of the 15th Amendment to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, our ancestors fought tirelessly against systemic disenfranchisement. It is how we ensure that our voices are heard and our interests are represented. It is how we build a better future for the next generation. It is how we hold our leaders accountable and push for policies that promote equality and justice.

By voting, we protect our democracy from those who seek to undermine it through fearmongering, misinformation, and division. Engaging in conversations about the importance of voting, participating in community outreach, and leveraging social media platforms are all strategies for increasing voter turnout. It is also essential to combat misinformation and ensure that our community is well-informed about the voting process. The narrative that immigrants are taking jobs is a distraction from the real issues that need our attention. Black and Hispanic voters must remain focused on using our votes to collectively drive positive change. The NAACP Miami-Dade Branch stands ready to support and equip our community in this vital endeavor.

“Our Black job is voting,” and through our collective efforts, we will safeguard our democracy for generations to come. Let’s not be sidetracked by belittling terms. Keep our eyes on the prize: voting in Election 2024. Early voting for the Primary Election in Miami Dade County begins on Aug. 5, 2024, and Election Day for the General Election is Nov. 5, 2024. Remember, when we vote, we win.

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